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SIP Administrative Center to Move East of Jinji Lake by the End of the Year

Following the completion of large-scale residential compounds, neighborhood center, and theme restaurants in the east of Jinji Lake, the first hi-tech intelligent commercial building, Jian Wu Enterprise Plaza, was formally put into operation on July 18, and the first ten domestic and foreign enterprises that have moved into the building include Bank of China, Toshiba Electrical Appliances, Tai Bao Property Insurance, and An Hua Logistics, etc. With the completion of this office building, along with other large business facilities by the Administrative Center, a super business district is taking shape in the east of Jinji Lake. Wang Jinhua, Deputy Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee and Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee, attended the ceremony of enterprises' entry into the building.

 An important goal in the development of service industry in SIP is to build up a CBC, which, according to SIP master plan, will embrace an area of 3 square kilometers around Jinji Lake, and the first 10 million sq.m. business facilities will be taken up by financial institutions, securities, agencies, regional sales HQ, office buildings, hotel, and large emporium and supermarket. As business facilities in the west of Jinji Lake have grown into the intended scale, the major stress of construction is now shifted to the east of the Lake.

The business district in the east of Jinji Lake is planned to cover 2 square kilometers, divided into business, culture, and international convention and exhibition street blocks and highlighted by deluxe shopping arcade, department stores, fashion shops, star-status hotels, and large-sized restaurants. The Modern Square and Jinji Lake Square have taken initial shape, where a Mexican restaurant has started business, and the Korean Entertainment Center, the Japanese Department Store (the largest in Japan), and the nationally famous Bai Qiang Household Goods Store are also the early comers in the business facilities here.

The fact that SIP Administrative Center is moving east demonstrates the confidence and determination of the government to develop the east area of Jinji Lake in a big way. Besides the office building of Jian Wu, the newly completed Modern Mansion, in which Sipac is to be stationed, will be put to use by the end of this year. Before then, the buildings for SIP police, SIP Procuratory, and SIP People's Court will have been put into use. The construction of buildings for real estate market and human resource market is going on smoothly, and will be completed next year. 

The newly completed Jian Wu office building, designed by an American architectural firm, took one year and half to construct by international standard. It is currently the tallest office building with a total constructed area of 78,000 square meters in 20 stories above ground and 2 basements. The parking lot can accommodate 289 vehicles. A waterscape glass curtain wall flanks the west of the lobby and runs from south to north, and the building is equipped with central air-conditioning, imported high-speed lifts, 5A intelligent management system. The interiors can be flexibly partitioned into 4 to 14 space units. The high quality and adequate functions of the building have already attracted many well-known enterprises.

July 19, 2005

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