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APC Suzhou Plant to Expand Production Lines

APC Company of USA recently announced that it would expand its manufacturing base in China and increase the output of air distribution units and precision air conditioners.

China is the largest manufacturer of air conditioners in the world with powerful production bases and skilled work force. The manufacturing base of APC is located in Suzhou Industrial Park. According to APC Company's plan, four production lines will be added to its Suzhou plant, APC (Suzhou) UPS Co., Ltd.

Rob Johnson, Vice-president of APC and GM of Usability Enhancement Dept., explained the advantages of the high-density servers, service consistency, and disaster recovery systems to the IT industry, and pointed out that increasing demands are being put on the IT system processing speed while power supply and cooling have become a common concern for these high-density systems. He said, "APC Company has positioned itself in the forefront to offer solutions to the issues of power supply and cooling. To obtain these objectives, we will continue to invest in the product development and build up a leading manufacturing capacity in the industry. The expansion of our production capacity will enable us to realize the goals."

NetworkAIR is APC's precision cooling system in APC InfraStruXure, which is an integrated system embracing cabinet, cooling, power, management and maintenance system to meet the varying needs of Network Critical Physics Infrastructure (NCPI) in an open, self-adaptable way. Its superior usability overcomes the demerits of the traditional power source and provides a highly ideal network environs for the whole IT system. The modules and pre-designed standard parts enable the power source and cooling and management components to fit into flexible, easy-to-use, standard, and redundant-designed modules, thus offering a complete structural solution for system designing and installation. The product not only meets the current demands on power supply and cooling, but also can be upgraded to meet future requirements, which greatly reduces risks in investment.

July 14, 2005

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