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SIP-HK Express Air Passage to Open Soon

A letter of intent was signed on July 13 between Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee (Sipac) and Hong Kong Airport Administration on the project of cooperation to build an express line between SIP and HK International Airport. When the project is completed, Suzhou, and even the whole of East China, will benefit from a brand-new express logistic passage, a multi-functional and more flexible choice for transportation service.

The parties to this letter of cooperative intent plan to set up a goods warehousing and distribution center in SIP Customs Duty-bond Logistic center, which is to play the role of a receiving and dispatching station for air-borne goods from HK International Airport. That is to say, a virtual airport service will be extended to SIP and the rest of East China.

In the fast economic growth of Suzhou, considerable quantities of goods are being exported or imported by air cargo, which adds much pressure on the transportation capacity of Shanghai Pudong International Airport, especially at peak times. The opening of the said express air passage will not only lessen such pressure, but also provide first-rate, speedy air cargo service and accelerate the modern logistic service in Suzhou and the surrounding areas.

July 14, 2005


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