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IC Graphic Designing Registration Breaks Ice in SIP

    From SIP Science & Technology Park, where IC designing in Suzhou is relatively concentrated, came an encouraging report recently that Suzhou Galaxy Camphol Technology Co., Ltd., with the assistance of SIP Center for Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, was approved of IC graphic designing registration of its integrated circuit of GC0201 multi-function electricity meter by National Bureau for Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, and was rewarded with relevant certificate.

    The approved official registration of Galaxy Camphol?s GC0201 product, a highly demanding designing, not only marks the superiority of the company in the IC industry, but also hallmarks the ice-breaking of SIP in this field, which uplifted the industry to a higher level.

    Founded in the beginning of 2003 as is a subsidiary of Galaxy Electronics Group Investment Co., Ltd., Galaxy Camphol Technology Co., Ltd. is devoted mainly to the designing, development, and sales of specialized IC, IC-serviced electrical machinery control units, and network electricity meter series. The registered product is an integration of a number of single-phase ASIC chips without power-calculating modules, which caters to the requirements for single-phase multi-function (multiple billing) electric meters commonly used in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hubei, Liaoning, and other regions.

July 7,2005

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