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Record-breaking Suzhou Liaison Industrial Exhibition

    On July 6, the Section A of Suzhou International Exposition Center by Jinji Lake of SIP became an expansive arena for the display of multifarious machinery, when Suzhou Liaison Industrial Exhibition came in session. The largest exhibition of machinery ever held in Jiangsu Province, the exhibition spread over 21,000 sq.m. in over 1,000 stands, attended by 320 manufacturers, 70% of whom came from overseas.

    This 4-day exhibition, jointly sponsored by Suzhou Council for Promotion of International Trade and HK Xuntong Exhibition Co., is a 3-in-1 event that combines Suzhou International Machine Tools and Molding Technology Exhibition, Suzhou International Rubber and Packing Technology Exhibition, and Suzhou International Printing and Packaging Technology Exhibition. The concentration of products of world-famous brands, such as numerically controlled machine tools and other hi-tech equipment, has caught keen interest of purchasers from all quarters.

    HK Xuntong Company is a influential "one-stop service" exhibition organizer, the first of its kind to be listed in Hong Kong, which deals with over 20 exhibitions annually. Its involvement in the current exhibition indicates a successful attempt of Suzhou in introducing exhibition resources into the region, adding an internationally reputed exhibition band to Suzhou. The market-driven operation of the exhibition also accumulated much experience to the local organizers.

    In the opinion of the HK Xuntong Co., Suzhou is becoming an industrial base for IT, auto parts, molds, precision machinery, printing, and packaging, and it is most appropriate to hold such exhibitions in Suzhou since great number of suppliers and buyers come from the nearby regions. The exhibition is intended to serve as a bridge to introduce the advanced domestic and international technology and equipment to the enterprises and professional and to promote closer economic and trade cooperation and development.

July 7,2005

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