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SIP AEFI Membership Grows to 205, Its Communication with Government Further Smoothed

A general conference of SIP Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (AEFI) was held on June 30 in International Mansion and attended by general managers or representatives of 108 member units.

Chen Ming, Chairman of the association, delivered a report on the work done since the beginning of the year 2004, which confirmed satisfactory results in publicizing policies and statutory regulations, promoting friendship and cooperation among the members, and improving communication between the government and enterprises.

Chairman Chen expressed that the association would continue to focus on the expanded regional development of SIP and issues of major concern of the foreign-funded enterprises, and that the association would continue to act as a bridge  to achieve improved communication between the government and enterprises and among the member units.

Zhang Yishi, Secretary General of the association, addressed the meeting with an explanation on expanding the list of council members of the association, saying that by the end of June 2005, the membership had grown to 205, with an increase of 60 members in the first half of this year, and that there was need to expand the 31-member council to give the association better representation.

A resolution was passed at the meeting to approve newly appointed ten council members, among which were Nabisco, Bosch, and Auchan Supermarket Co., Ltd., etc.

Xu Sheng from the secretariat gave an introduction on the preparatory work since May on the publication of the association's journal, which was scheduled to come out in the third quarter of the year. Xu outlined the planning and main columns of the journal, and told the meeting that reporters from 66 enterprises had been appointed and more were to be expected.

Before the end of the conference, Chairman Chen Ming and Vice-chairman Micheal Babalus (from Andrew Co.), Vice-chairman Wu Tianren (from CSSD) and other leaders of the association issued membership certificates to the new members of the association.

July 6,2005

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