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Phase II Water-fetching Project of SIP Water Works Completed

At the approach of sweltering summer heat, demand for water is increasing rapidly among citizens of Suzhou. As is indicated by the municipal water administration, the peak demand for water is estimated to exceed 1.05 million tons this summer. What has come as a relief is the fact that the water-fetching project of SIP Water Works, the key project in Phase II, was completed on July 1, which will enable the water works to regulate a total of water volume of 600,000 tons daily. This will greatly lessen the pressure on water supply during this summer season.

It is reported that by March this year, SIP Public Utility Development Group Corporation had built 32 kilometers of 2.2-meter-diameter (the largest in Jiangsu Province) pipelines from Puzhang at the shore of Lake Taihu to SIP Water Works, which is to supply fine-quality lake water for the works. When the comprehensive Phase II of the water works is completed by the end of the year, the water supply capacity will be raised to 450,000 tons daily.

With the current water-fetching project completed and the newly-laid pipelines in function, the total volume of water transfer from Lake Taihu will reach 900,000 tons daily, and this will leave sufficient leeway for the long-term supply of water within the whole of SIP.

July 2, 2005

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