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A Memorial Day for Dushu Lake Higher Education District


June 8th was a memorial day for Dushu Lake Higher Education District. Nanjing University and Suzhou Municipal government signed an agreement for all around cooperation, Nanjing University Suzhou Graduate School held its unveiling ceremony, and Dushu Lake Library opened.


Mr. Wang Rong, Standing Member of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Party Secretary of Suzhou Municipality, Mr. Hong Yingxing, President of Nanjing University, Mr. Yan Li, Mayor of Suzhou, and municipal leaders Ms. Du Guoling, Mr. Wang Jinhua, and Mr. Zhu Yongxin attended the celebration. Also present were Mr. Yin Xiangwen, Deputy Chairman of Jiangsu Education Department.  


The event marked an important milestone in Suzhou’s cooperation with Nanjing University. Both sides would explore new model for cooperation, so that the rich fruit of scientific research could be shared as soon as possible.


June 10, 2005

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