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Grand Opening of Maxtor Technology Suzhou Company

Maxtor Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd held its grand opening ceremony in the export processing zone (EPZ) of Suzhou Industrial Park yesterday. Mr. Wang Rong, Standing Member of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Party Secretary of Suzhou Municipality, Mr. Wang Jinhua, Deputy Party Secretary of Suzhou Municipality and Party Secretary of SIP Working Committee and Dr. C.S. Park, Chairman and CEO of Maxtor attended the grand opening ceremony.

Mr. Wang Rong noted that as an important manufacturing base of IT products, SIP enjoyed a complete IT supply chain. The production of Maxtor Technology Suzhou company would greatly increase the shares of SIP's IT products in the international markets, and helped to upgrade the structure of SIP's products. And the re-investment of Maxtor would also promote the sustainable and healthy growth of the IT industry in SIP.

Headquartered in California of USA, Maxtor is a leading hard drive company and provider of storage solutions for a wide range of applications, from the desktop to the enterprise and consumer electronics.

Maxtor Technology (Suzhou) Company is a manufacturer of desktop drives. The company reveals that by the end of the year, the number of the employees will increase from the current 1500 to 5000, with the production reaching 10,400,000 desktops. In order to meet the demands of the markets, the company will gradually move the center to Suzhou.

May 18, 2005

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