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Suzhou Party Chief Meeting Singapore Guests

Mr. Wang Rong, Standing Member of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Party Secretary of Suzhou Municipality met Ms Chan Lai Fung, Deputy Secretary of Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry this Wednesday. Also present were Mr. Yan Li, Deputy Party Secretary of Suzhou Municipality and Mayor of Suzhou, and Mr. Wang Jinhua, Deputy Party Secretary of Suzhou Municipality.

Mr. Wang Rong welcomed Mr. Chan Lai Fung and her delegation. He noted that after 10 years' development, the growth of SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park) was much better than expected, signifying the cooperation between China and Singapore was successful. Software industry played an important role in the development of SIP.

The Party Secretary thanked the Singapore Software Project Office for their help to SIP, hoping both sides could strengthen cooperation and communication.

Ms Chan noted that she visited Suzhou with her colleagues from software project office of Singapore not long ago. The rapid growth of software industry of SIP impressed her deeply. At present, the development of SIP entered into a new stage. Cooperation between Singapore Software Project Office and SIP should also be further enhanced. It was expected that both sides would seek broader prospects for cooperation based on the platform established.

Mr. Tan Gongjiao, director of Suzhou Foreign Affairs Office was also present.

April 29, 2005

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