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Foreign Attorney Representative's Office Joining SIP 

CHARMOY,STOLZBERG & HOLIAN, LLP SUZHOU REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE,  an attorney's representative office from USA, has joined Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) recently. The office mainly provides legal service for American companies coming in and Suzhou companies opening business in the United States and immigration services.

So far there're over 10000 foreign enterprises in Suzhou. As a result, Suzhou has a great demand for professional lawyers familiar with international business. At present, there're over 100 foreign lawyer's office in Shanghai, one fourth of which are top global 30.

April 6, 2005

Address of the attorney's representative office:
10A, the 3rd floor, Gui Du Mansion
Zhong Xin Road, Suzhou Industrial Park
Telephone: 67621300 

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