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Suzhou Party Chief Meeting Representative of Board of Directors from CSSD

Mr. Wang Rong, Standing Member of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Party Secretary of Suzhou Municipality, Mr. Yan Li, Deputy Party Secretary of Suzhou Municipality and Mayor of Suzhou, and Mr. Wang Jinhua, Deputy Party Secretary of Suzhou Municipality and Party Secretary of Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) Working Committee , met a delegation headed by Mr. Chong Lit Cheong, Chief Executive Officer of Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) and Vice Chairman of Board of Directors of China Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd (CSSD).

Mr. Wang Rong welcomed the delegation, and congratulated CSSD for making further achievements based on the progress of 2003. He noted that, as an important cooperation project between the Chinese and Singapore governments, the success of SIP was closely related with CSSD. To some extent, the growth of SIP was based on the development of CSSD. He expressed that Suzhou Municipality would go on to support CSSD as ever.  The meeting of the Board of Directors would be held on the very day. And Mr. Wang wished the Chinese and Singapore sides could review the work of the past year and seek further development.

Mr. Chong Lit Cheong thanked Suzhou Municipality for their support. He noted that as a member the of Board of Directors of CSSD, he often visited Suzhou. SIP's growth speed was surprisingly fast if you compared today's Park with the one 10 years ago. An important subject for this years meeting of Board of Directors was how to achieve CSSD's sustainable development. Mr. Chong also earnestly expected Mr. Wang Rong’s visit of Singapore. 

Mr. Ma Ming Long, Chairman of SIP Administrative Committee was also present.

Mar. 18, 2005

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