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Growth of Tertiary Industry Attracting More Talents

During the past 10 years, manufacturing of Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) has been well developed. In recent years, development of tertiary industry is gaining momentum.

Emergence of the tertiary industry presents a new challenge to human resource departments of SIP, as the Park is in great demand of talents in this field. For instance, new star hotels, restaurants and cafes in SIP need lots of staff. Currently there's no talent reserve in this aspects. What's more, jobs of this kind are generally considered of low pay, long work time, and not decent.

To solve this problem, SIPHRD has taken a series of measures:
Firstly, establish good relations with tourist schools. Some enterprises can even establish a training class in those schools. Secondly, the SIPHRD plans to recruit staff in other cities to avoid competition for talents between work units in SIP. Thirdly, provides training to unemployed people. Lastly, establish certain associations and set up rules and regulations.

Mar. 16, 2005

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