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New Vision for 2005: SIP "Growing Up"

With more and more residents attracted to SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park), you can find lots of high rise buildings in the Park, perhaps you'll also find, the Ready Built Factories (RBF) are also "growing high", why?

Mr. He Lianfa from Taiwan was very busy recently, making preparation for his new plant. He'd chosen a multi-storey factory building from Suchun RBF for his company.

The plot ratio of Suchun RBF reached 1:2.2, twice of that of the industrial land. To make effective use of land, SIP requested companies to build multi storey factory buildings.

According to Mr. He Lianfa, they needed 6000 sq.m for Phase I of their company, the multi-storey factory building just met their needs.

Mr. Ma Minglong, Chairman of SIP Administrative Committee noted that we often saw low factory buildings with low plot ratio, as a result of which, investment per square meter was not high enough. We could raise the productivity of the land by enhancing the investment quality. In recent years, investment per sq. km in SIP would reach USD 2 billion as scheduled.   

Jan. 18, 2005

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