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SIP Donating for the Tsunami Hit Area

Donation for the tsunami hit area and 2005 Charities was launched last Wednesday.  Mr. Wang Jinhua, Deputy Party Secretary of Suzhou Municipality and Party Secretary of SIP Working Committee, and Mr. Ma Minglong, Chairman of SIP Administrative Committee, as well as over 400 staffs from SIPAC, One Stop Service Center, Administration Center, IT Center, Chinese consortium and townships all joined the activity. A total of 55000 yuan RMB was collected.

Mr. Goh Tien Gin, Executive Vice Chairman of CSSD, had donated for the tsunami hit area for 4 times. We should all give a helping hand to the unfortunate, said him.

Last Wednesday's donation was only the prelude for the charitable activity which will last for a month. The money collected will go to affected area as well as help the weak.

Jan 11, 2005

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