Suzhou Microsoft Allied Lab Begins Function  01/03/2006
SIP Presents 2006 New Year Concert  01/03/2006
Suzhou Kinglong's Annual Output Hits 10,000 Coaches  01/02/2006
HK Technology Park Heads for Yangtze Delta  01/01/2006
Kubota Donates 300,000 RMB to Disaster-stricken Ruichang City, Jiangxi Province  01/01/2006
Celebrated Taiwan IT Co. Moves Into Loufeng, SIP  12/30/2005
Suzhou Logistics Center Awarded Famous Brand by Province  12/29/2005
CAS Semiconductor R&D Center Moves Into SIP  12/29/2005
Another National Software Enterprise Listed  12/28/2005
Hitachi Semiconductor Assembly Plant Completed  12/28/2005
110V Transformer Substation Built in Education Park East of Lake  12/27/2005
Haochen Technology Backed Up by 2 Million RMB Government Investment  12/26/2005
Loufeng Township Holds 2005 Get-together of Domestic and Foreign Enterprises  12/25/2005
SIP State Tax Bureau in Consistent Pro-business Service  12/23/2005
Foreign Investors' Christmas Party in Weiting Township  12/22/2005
China Academy of Sciences Sets up Youth Research and Practice Base in SIP  12/20/2005
A New Plaza to Be Added to West-of-lake SIP  12/20/2005
Century Lianhua Opens Its First Suzhou Mall in Loufeng  12/18/2005
Suzhou Microsoft Allied Lab Put to Use  12/18/2005
Crown Plaza Suzhou Hotel Opens Business  12/16/2005
30 SIP Enterprises to Recruit Graduates on Campus  12/15/2005
Software Park Training Center Established  12/14/2005
Expatriate Ladies Performs Kunqu Opera at SIP Christmas Soiree  12/13/2005
Two Foreign-invested Enterprises Start Operation in East-of-lake SIP  12/13/2005
A Famous Japanese Packing Company Opens at Loufeng Township  12/13/2005
East Suzhou Commercial District to Be Upgraded  12/12/2005
Sipac HR Official Meets GMs Face to Face  12/12/2005
Suzhou to Become No.1 Production Base for Fuji Digital Cameras  12/10/2005
Computerized Accounting in SIP Enterprises Required to File Up at Tax Bureau  12/09/2005
Chengxin Credit: the Right Time to Enter Chinese Market  12/08/2005
The First 38 Foreign-funded R&D Centers Authenticated  12/07/2005
SIP Joins Hands with HK Technology Park  12/06/2005
Suzhou Software Park Delegation Attends Microsoft Summit Talks  12/06/2005
List of Contributors to "De Shan" Charity Plan  12/05/2005
Sharing Business Opportunities in a Win-win Situation  12/05/2005
10 Billion RMB SIP Projects Being Promoted in HK  12/03/2005
SIP Seeks HK Cooperation in Service Sector  12/03/2005
Hong Kong & China Gas to Invest 4 Billion RMB in SIP  12/01/2005
SIP Customs Broadens Scope of Online Approval for Processing Trade  11/30/2005
730,000 RMB Charity Fund Raised from Thousand Participants of "Loving Care" Plan  11/29/2005
The First SIP "De Shan" Charity Fund Raising Long Distance Race Starts  11/28/2005
SIP Releases Information to Private Enterprises  11/28/2005
The First Placement Machines Turned Out Domestically  11/25/2005
Schindler Base, the Largest in China, Goes into Operation  11/24/2005
Senior Officials of 6 African Countries Study vocational Education in Suzhou  11/23/2005
A Thousand Overseas Students Move to "New Home"  11/23/2005
SIP Hotels ? Favorites of IT Talents  11/22/2005
SIP Welcomes Think Tank of Manufacturers, Officials, and Scholars from China and Singapore  11/22/2005
Large Steels Logistics Center Opens in SIP  11/22/2005
Int'l Technology Park Wins"Garden Award"  11/21/2005
World Master Gives Tips for SIP Planning  11/21/2005
6 Foreign Residents in Suzhou Receive "Green Cards"  11/19/2005
SIP Stages Investment Promotion Campaign in the US  11/19/2005
The First German Logistics Company Settles in SIP  11/17/2005
SIP Logistics Enterprises Render Better Service to Manufacturing Industries  11/17/2005
Jiangsu Speeds Up Development of Export and Processing Zones  11/17/2005
Taiwan Video System (Suzhou) Company Established  11/16/2005
Picanol Textile Machinery to Locate in Weiting Township  11/15/2005
Procurement Center of the Largest Medical Sick Bed Manufacturer Moves Into SIP  11/15/2005
An SIP Enterprise Aligns with "Hope Project" by Putting Refuse to Good Use  11/10/2005
Standard Chartered Bank Suzhou Branch Opens Business  11/10/2005
Sub-branch of Bank of China Opens in West-of-Lake Administrative Center  11/09/2005
New Lithium Battery Technology Builds Home in SIP  11/09/2005
Aeronautical Components Manufacturing Tycoons Gather in SIP  11/08/2005
Aeronautical Industrial Chain Being Formed in SIP  11/07/2005
2005 Annual IC Manufacturing Conference To Be Held in Suzhou  11/07/2005
Swiss Auto Parts Giant Settles Down in Suzhou  11/06/2005
SIPAEFI Members Tour the Water Town of Xitang  11/03/2005
New Factory of DWnet Technology Completed in SIP  11/02/2005
The Most Advanced Capsule Plant Starts Production in SIP  11/01/2005
250,000 Builders of SIP  11/01/2005
State Councilor Hua Jianmin Inspects SIP  11/01/2005
New Endress Hauser Project Lays Foundation  11/01/2005
New Georg Fischer Automotive Plant Starts Operation  11/01/2005
China Int'l Semiconductor Exhibition & Symposium to Be Held in Suzhou  10/29/2005
Southeast University and Suzhou Form Strategic Partership  10/24/2005
New Horizon Technical Fabrics Commences Operation in SIP  10/24/2005
2005 HR Information Released in SIP  10/22/2005
Lu Yongxiang Inspects Key Projects of China Academy of Sciences in Suzhou  10/21/2005
Liang Baohua Inspects Suzhou Singapore International School  10/21/2005
Construction Bank of China, Suzhou, Moved to New Office in SIP  10/20/2005
Xinghai Experimental School Inaugurated  10/20/2005
2005 eMEX Suzhou Opens Today  10/19/2005
A New Scientific Research Base Set Up in SIP  10/19/2005
SIP Recruitment Missions to Cover 17 Universities in 14 Cities  10/18/2005
Wang Rong Meets Leaders of Chinese and British Universities  10/18/2005
The 4th eMEX Ready to Make a Hit in Suzhou  10/17/2005
SIP Goes Out of the Way to Collect Talents  10/16/2005
The Largest Agricultural Products Trading Center in Loufeng Opens Business  10/16/2005
New Suzhou International Hotel Changes Name  10/16/2005
SIP Logistics Chain Links Up 400 Enterprises  10/14/2005
3 Overseas Expatriates in SIP Granted Honorary Titles  10/13/2005
US Service Industrial Tycoon Takes Over Logistics of Kowloon Hospital  10/12/2005
Foreign-invested Enterprises Support Scholarships for "Future Senior Blue Collars"  10/11/2005
SIP Wins Award for Technology and Talent Promotion  10/10/2005
SIP Fire Brigade Building Put to Use  10/08/2005
SIP Puts Forth 10 Measures on State Tax to Support Enterprises  10/02/2005
"Advanced District in Education" Conferred to SIP  10/02/2005
International Commercial Property Tycoon to Involve in SIP Service Industry  09/29/2005
Wu Ruilin Meets Guests from Singapore  09/29/2005
Yan Li Meets Guests from Singpapore  09/29/2005
TV Projection Media to Be Applied in eMEX for the First Time  09/28/2005
Auto Parts Industrial Chain in SIP Further Extends  09/27/2005
French Aviation Group to Invest in SIP  09/26/2005
Suzhou Becomes No.1 Manufacturing Base of Laptop Computers in the World  09/25/2005
"SIP Pipeline Information System" Wins National Silver Award  09/24/2005
Suzhou Microsoft Allied Lab Set Up in SIP Technology Park  09/22/2005
Prologis in SIP Warmly Sought After  09/22/2005
Phase-2 Plant of Kulicke & Soffa Commissioned  09/22/2005
Recruitment Fair Initiated at eMex  09/21/2005
James Soong Visits SIP  09/21/2005
Loufeng Township Attracts Investment in Four Areas of Service Sector  09/20/2005
Another 12 Provincial New and Hi-tech Enterprises Certified in SIP  09/18/2005
SIP Expatriate Women Enjoy Knitting Class  09/18/2005
Dover Group of Fortune 500 Builds New Plant in Loufeng Township  09/18/2005
Fancy Lanterns and Splendid Firework to Adorn Full Moon Over Jinji Lake  09/16/2005
Provincial Circuit Test Service Center Located in SIP  09/15/2005
SIP to Release Human Resource Index  09/14/2005
Support and Preparations Stepped up for Opening of SIP Kowloon Hospital  09/13/2005
SIP Bibraun Medical Operation Appliances Plant Commences Production  09/12/2005
52 of the Fortune 500 Claim Half of SIP Output Value  09/11/2005
"Blue Sky" No.1 Generator Unit Joins Power Grid  09/11/2005
Tax Exemption and Reduction for SIP Foreign-invested Enterprises in 2004: One Billion RMB with 50% Coverage  09/10/2005
Wang Rong Meets Tony Tan and Other Guest from Singapore  09/09/2005
SIP Working Committee for Care of Younger Generation Gives Financial Support to Newly Enrolled College Students  09/09/2005
SIP Xing Gang School Inaugurated  09/09/2005
Zero-tariff Taiwan Fruits to Aim at Mid-autumn Market in Suzhou  09/09/2005
SIP Science & Technology Park Initiates "One-stop Service for Software Export"  09/09/2005
Loufeng Township Rises As Backup Base for IC Industry  09/08/2005
Suzhou Claims 81 Out of 1,000 Developed Townships in China  09/08/2005
SIP Opens Hardware & Electrical Machinery Mart  09/08/2005
SIP Holds Recruitment Meeting in USA for Chinese Students  09/07/2005
SIPAEFI Members Enchanted by Kunqu Opera Presentation  09/07/2005
Well-known Enterprises Gather in "Manufacturing Week" in Suzhou  09/07/2005
Main Developer of SIP Expands Capital and Shares  09/06/2005
Persist in System Innovation, and Build a Society of Harmony  09/06/2005
1,500 eMEX Stands All Booked  09/03/2005
05' China Symposium on Integrated Circuit Industry Scheduled for December  09/02/2005
Delegation of Komintang Sinchu City Division Praises Achievements of SIP  09/02/2005
Spansion - AMD Shows Loving Care for Poverty-stricken Students  09/02/2005
1st-class qualification Certificate Awarded to YKK AP  09/02/2005
80 Teachers in SIP Awarded for Excellent Performance  08/31/2005
SIP Recruitment Fair Scheduled for September  08/31/2005
7,000 Students of Soochow University Moved into Dushu Lake Advanced Education Zone  08/31/2005
IVT and Michigan University Agree on 2+2 Cooperation Project  08/30/2005
Pro-business Commitments to Public Utility Service  08/29/2005
SIP Claims the First Traffic Circuit Court in Jiangsu  08/27/2005
Zixiang Electronics Suzhou Plant Completes Construction in Weiting Township  08/26/2005
Wuxi Party and Government Delegation Visits Suzhou  08/26/2005
SIP Central Hotel Area Soon to Rise to the Scene  08/24/2005
"Zhong Xing" Company Got Severe Penalty for Environment Law-breaking  08/23/2005
Pizza Delivered to the Door  08/22/2005
SIPAC Meeting Calls on Sustained Development  08/22/2005
SIP Hua Neng Power Plant (Phase 2) Listed As National Major Project  08/22/2005
Initial Design of "Orient Gate" Evaluated  08/18/2005
SIP Becomes Biggest Circulation Base of Liquid Crystal Screens  08/18/2005
SIP Service Sector Expands to 2,000 Enterprises  08/15/2005
Suzhou as International IT Base on Global Supply Chain  08/12/2005
1,100 Booths of 4th Electronic IT Exposition Booked  08/10/2005
New-type Lithium Battery Technology in SIP  08/09/2005
Wang Rong Meets Ambassador of Singapore  08/09/2005
National Day of Singapore Celebrated in Suzhou  08/08/2005
Mayor Yan Li Meets Guests from Hong Kong  08/08/2005
Japanese Investors Maintain Confidence in Suzhou  08/05/2005
62888222: SPF Hotline Upgraded for Multiple Service  08/05/2005
SIP Recruitment Campaign in Europe Makes Debut  08/05/2005
A Local Elevator Manufacturer Moves into SIP  08/01/2005
SIP Association of Taiwan-invested Enterprises Established  08/01/2005
SIP Leads in Suzhou's Export-oriented Economy  07/29/2005
Minsheng Bank Opens Branch in Suzhou  07/28/2005
2 Million Visits to SPF Website in 2005  07/28/2005
SIP Inspection and Quarantine Implements New ACFTA Preferential Policy on Export Tariff  07/27/2005
SIP-AEFI Directors Meet at GM Salon  07/26/2005
3 Investment Focuses in Weiting's Service Industry  07/26/2005
Japanese-invested Construction Service Goes in Depth in Loufeng Township  07/26/2005
1.2 Billion RMB SIP Enterprise Bond Listed  07/24/2005
Southern Shores of Yangcheng Lake Planned As SIP Backyard  07/22/2005
SIP: the First to Hit Well-off Target  07/22/2005
Suzhou's Import & Export Volume: 1/10 of China  07/20/2005
SIP Administrative Center to Move East of Jinji Lake by the End of the Year  07/20/2005
Wang Rong Meets Guests from Singapore  07/18/2005
An SIP Company's Bond to Be Listed July 22  07/18/2005
The First Shopping Mall East of Jinji Lake  07/16/2005
APC Suzhou Plant to Expand Production Lines  07/15/2005
SIP-HK Express Air Passage to Open Soon  07/14/2005
Logistic Tycoons Move Into SIP Customs Duty-bond Logistic Center  07/14/2005
"Exploration of Zheng He's Voyage" Concluded with Satisfaction  07/12/2005
SIP Cartoon Industry Rises to National Caliber  07/11/2005
100 from Fortune 500 Enter Suzhou  07/10/2005
IC Graphic Designing Registration Breaks Ice in SIP  07/08/2005
Record-breaking Suzhou Liaison Industrial Exhibition  07/08/2005
Electronic IT Exposition This Year, an Eye-catching Event  07/08/2005
SIP AEFI Membership Grows to 205, Its Communication with Government Further Smoothed  07/07/2005
Phase II Water-fetching Project of SIP Water Works Completed  07/06/2005
Education Is the Facade of Economic and Social Progress of SIP -- So Says Chairman Wang of Sipac  07/05/2005
Avision's All-in-one Digital Copier  07/05/2005
A Boat Restaurant Opens Business By Yangcheng Lake, Weiting Township  07/05/2005
SIP Designated National Electronic IT Park  07/05/2005
Two of Fortune 500 Registered in Shengpu Township  07/05/2005
Li Inspected Modern Logistics  06/29/2005
Wang met guests from Russia  06/29/2005
US$1.9 billion foreign capital injected to SIP  06/29/2005
A Memorial Day for Dushu Lake Higher Education District  06/10/2005
Mechanical Tool Show in SIP  06/09/2005
Suzhou Party Chief Meeting Singapore Guests  06/09/2005
CBD Coming Soon in SIP  06/04/2005
Wang Met Guests from UK  05/19/2005
Grand Opening of Maxtor Technology Suzhou Company  05/18/2005
SIP Imports & Exports Hit USD 8.4 Billion in the First Quarter  05/08/2005
Suzhou Party Chief Meeting American Guests  04/30/2005
Suzhou Party Chief Meeting Singapore Guests  04/29/2005
Grand Opening of Delphi Electronics Suzhou  04/28/2005
Bosch Opening Technology Center in SIP  04/25/2005
SIP AEFI Organizing Spring Outing to Yixing  04/21/2005
Foreign Attorney Representative's Office Joining SIP  04/06/2005
Increment of Talents in Tertiary Industry Exceeding That of Manufacturing  04/01/2005
SIP "Common Agreement" Beneficial to All  03/29/2005
Singapore Minister Mentor Meeting Suzhou Delegation  03/24/2005
Symposium on Suzhou & Suzhou Industrial Park Held in Singapore  03/24/2005
Singapore Prime Minister Meeting Suzhou Delegation  03/23/2005
Suzhou Delegation Visiting JTC & URA  03/23/2005
Suzhou delegation visiting Singapore  03/21/2005
Suzhou Party Chief Meeting Representative of Board of Directors from CSSD  03/18/2005
Grand Opening of Mercury Marine Technology  03/17/2005
Growth of Tertiary Industry Attracting More Talents  03/17/2005
The Earth, Our Green Home  03/16/2005
Jinji Lake Refilled With Water  03/14/2005
Senior Management of Foreign Enterprises Being Localized  03/11/2005
SIP Overseas Women's Friendship Association Founded  03/08/2005
AMD Opens New Test, Mark And Pack Manufacturing Facility In SIP  03/02/2005
International Hotel Groups Attracted to SIP  03/01/2005
SIP Imports & Exports Increasing 51 Per Cent in January  02/26/2005
Suzhou Party Chief Meeting Singapore Consul General in Shanghai  02/04/2005
Suzhou Party Chief Meeting Singapore Guests  02/03/2005
New Vision for 2005: SIP "Growing Up"  01/18/2005
CSSIP Ventures Ranking China's Top 50 Incubators  01/18/2005
SIP Donating for the Tsunami Hit Area  01/11/2005
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