KEMET Announces 10 Billionth Capacitor Shipment and Initiation of Ta/Polymer Production from Facilities in Suzhou Industrial Park  12/21/2004
Section B of Export Processing Zone Operating Smoothly  12/17/2004
German Restaurant Opened By Jinji Lake  12/15/2004
SIP Celebrating the Coming Christmas & New Year  12/13/2004
AMD Chip Packaging Plant Put into Operation  12/13/2004
SIP Promoting Operation of Type B Customs Bonded Logistics  12/13/2004
782 Talents Recruited from Famous Universities All Over the Country  12/10/2004
Famous International Hotel Attracted to SIP  12/10/2004
Children from All Over the World Join Hands  12/09/2004
Jurong International-An Active Participant and Witness of SIP's 10 Year Development  11/30/2004
SIG Combibloc Establishing New Plant in SIP  11/30/2004
Suzhou Singapore International School Moving to New Site  11/29/2004
Nippon Steel Opening New Plant in SIP  11/19/2004
Micheal Babarlas' Deep Affection of Chinese Police  11/12/2004
Schneider Electric Opening New Plant in SIP  11/11/2004
Samsung Donating 100,000 Yuan for SIP's Public Welfare Fund  11/08/2004
An Expatriate's True Love of Suzhou  11/08/2004
Female Expatriates Enthusiastic About Traditional Chinese Sports  11/05/2004
New Plant of Dresser Breaking Ground  11/03/2004
Nanjing University and University of Dayton Joining Hands in SIP  11/03/2004
Suzhou Leader Meeting Japanese Guests  10/29/2004
Americhem Joining SIP Americhem Joining SIP  10/29/2004
EMEX China Attracting Over 400 IT Companies Home and Abroad  10/21/2004
HSBC Establishing Suzhou Branch in SIP  10/19/2004
National Semiconductor Opens Its First Major Manufacturing Facility in Suzhou Industrial Park  10/18/2004
First National Customs Bonded Logistics Center Operating Smoothly in SIP  10/14/2004
SIP Foreign Companies Awarding Scholarship to IVT Students  10/13/2004
SIPAC Chairman Mr. Ma Minglong Visiting CSSD  10/09/2004
Phase I of International Expo Center Completed  09/30/2004
Jiangsu and Suzhou Appointing Mr. Ma Minglong Chairman of SIPAC  09/30/2004
Suzhou Party Chief Meeting CEO of AMD  09/29/2004
University of Liverpool and XJTU Joining Hands in SIP  09/29/2004
Infineon Reaches Milestone in China: Formal Opening of Suzhou Plant  09/24/2004
New Plant of Manuli Hydraulics Breaking Ground  09/20/2004
Fist Digital City Engineering Research Center in China Launched in SIP  09/10/2004
First Post Doctoral Workstation for Educational Technology in China Established in SIP  09/10/2004
Three Expatriates Elected Vice Chairmen of SIP AEFI  09/10/2004
Singapore Fast Food Company Joining SIP  09/02/2004
African News Officials Impressed by the Rapid Development of Suzhou  09/02/2004
TFT-LCD and Semiconductor Leading Hi-tech Industries in SIP  08/31/2004
Nokia Plans to Choose Suzhou as the Manufacturing Base for 3G Mobile Phone  08/31/2004
SIP Attaching Great Importance to Education  08/28/2004
SIP Taking Effective Measures to Guarantee Ample Skilled Workers for Foreign Companies  08/27/2004
SIP Holding Seminar to Support Growth of Software and IC Industry  08/23/2004
Sector B of SIP EPZ Wins State Approval  08/23/2004
Neighborhood Center Opened to the East of Jinji Lake  08/18/2004
Addidas Donating to SIP Welfare Fund  08/10/2004
First Kindergarten in the East of Jinji Lake  08/10/2004
Opening up of Invacare Medical Apparatus  08/06/2004
3M Setting up plant in SIP  08/05/2004
Commerce of SIP Booming  08/03/2004
Panasonic Establishing R&D Center in SIP  07/26/2004
Roundup: SIP Economy Maintaining Vigorous Momentum  07/20/2004
Hitachi Plant Engineering & Construction Company Popularizing "Clean Room" Technology in SIP  07/19/2004
Kowloon Hospital & Shanghai Second Medical University Joining Hands in SIP  07/19/2004
SIP Realizing Intensive Use of Land  07/13/2004
A "Long Dragon" outside Talents Market in SIP  07/12/2004
B.Braun Group Establishing Medical Company in SIP  06/23/2004
KEMET Announces Second Facility in Suzhou  06/18/2004
Suzhou and Singapore Signing MOU on Tourism  06/12/2004
NUS to Have First Offshore Campus in SIP  06/11/2004
Suzhou Industrial Park Promises New Opportunities  06/11/2004
SIP Celebrating 10th Anniversary  06/11/2004
"SIPAC Is Highly Efficient"--Comment from Investors  06/09/2004
CS-SIP 10th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Launched  06/02/2004
SIP Children Celebrating International Children's Day  06/01/2004
Rogers Technologies Opening New Plant in SIP  05/28/2004
Art Competition Held by Jinji Lake to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of SIP  05/25/2004
Singapore Media Highly Praising SIP's Achievements  05/21/2004
Carl Zeiss Opens First Production Facilities in China  05/18/2004
7TH JSC Meeting Press Release  05/18/2004
Emerson Electric (Suzhou) Celebrates 2,000,000 Compressors Produced  05/18/2004
Nokia Sets the 4th Global Hub in SIP  04/29/2004
Construction of Bluescope Steel's Flat Steel Metallic Coating And Painting Facility Commences in Suzhou industrial Park  04/22/2004
Achievements of SIP Attracting International Media  04/22/2004
SIP Semi-conductor Enterprises Boom  04/18/2004
Kawamoto Pump Setting up Plant in SIP  04/15/2004
Mayor Meeting American Guests  04/06/2004
Symposium On Development of Suzhou Industrial Park Held in Seoul  04/02/2004
Establishing the Platform for IC Industry  04/01/2004
Suzhou Party Chief Meeting Singapore Guests  03/24/2004
Philips Enabling Technologies Group Opening New Factory in China  03/19/2004
Communication between JTC & SIP One Stop Service Center  03/19/2004
Opening Ceremony of New Plant of Black & Decker  03/16/2004
A Happy Gathering of SIP Women  03/09/2004
Suzhou Capsugel Moving to Suhong Middle Road  03/08/2004
Chipidea Establishing Design Company in SIPIS  03/04/2004
Plantronics Setting Up Plant in SIP  03/04/2004
Bernard Teo: From Singapore Officer to Marketing Hero of SIP  03/04/2004
Commemorative Stamp Issued for 10th Anniversary of SIP  03/02/2004
Scholle Sets Up Plant in SIP  03/02/2004
Suzhou Party Chief Meeting Singapore Guests  03/01/2004
Kowloon Hospital Starting Construction  02/28/2004
Delphi Announces Plans For New China Facility  02/27/2004
Infineon Establishing 3rd Project in SIP  02/24/2004
Suzhou Kunlene Film Industry Opens Up  02/23/2004
MD Aerospace (Suzhou) Opens Up  02/23/2004
BlueScope Steel takes mafor step forward in SIP with A$280 million investment  02/18/2004
SIP Implementing Unified PF Scheme  02/12/2004
SIP Taking Precautions Against Bird Flu  02/04/2004
One Stop Service Praised by Foreign Investors  02/02/2004
SIP Enterprises Much Sought After in the Recruitment Market  01/18/2004
Promoting the Spearhead of IC Industry  01/14/2004
Singapore Education Delegation Visiting Suzhou  01/12/2004
Mr.Goh Toh Sim: 10 Years Experience in SIP  01/08/2004
Municipal Leaders Met Singapore Guests  01/06/2004
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