Post Doctorate Station Growing Fast  12/31/2003
Construction of Light Rail Kicking Off  12/29/2003
SIP Made Donation to the Poor  12/26/2003
CEO of Andrew Invited to Classroom of SIP No.1 Middle School  12/25/2003
Second Phase of Export Processing Zone Checked & Accepted by Nanjing Customs  12/22/2003
Global 500 Nippon Steel Corporation Setting Up New Plant in SIP  12/18/2003
Hitachi Engineering & Construction Joins SIP  12/17/2003
Profound Friendship Between Children from China and Singapore  12/08/2003
SIP Real Estate Bond Listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange  12/08/2003
Efore Sets Up Electronic Plant in SIP  11/27/2003
Jinji Lake Bridge to Open to Traffic Next January  11/25/2003
Renmin University & Suzhou Municipality Jointly Establish Graduate School in Suzhou  11/25/2003
Schneider Shihlin Opens Up New Plant in SIP  11/20/2003
KEMET Announces Opening of Second Asian Production Facility  11/17/2003
Grundfos Pumps To Establish New Factory in District III of SIP  11/14/2003
SIP Recruiting Talents All Over China  11/13/2003
New Suzhou International Hotel Renamed into"New Suzhou Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts"  11/13/2003
Suzhou Party Chief Meeting Singapore Guests  11/13/2003
Grand Opening of Celestica Suzhou Technology  11/12/2003
Taiwan Compatriots Concerned about Handicapped Children  11/04/2003
Suzhou Party Chief Meeting Singapore Guests  11/03/2003
Infineon Technologies Suzhou Breaks Ground  10/31/2003
Roundup: IT Clusters Forming in SIP  10/29/2003
SIP Fixed Assets Investment Keeps Growing  10/28/2003
Suzhou High School & Dulwich College Joining Hands to Set up New School in SIP  10/27/2003
Real Estate Developers Keen on East of Jinji Lake  10/27/2003
SIP "Neighborhood Center" Concept Output to Nanjing  10/27/2003
Fuji Seiki Opens New Plant in SIP  10/24/2003
Third Production Line of SESS Completed & China Research Institution Opening Up  10/22/2003
SIP Recruiting Talents in Australia & New Zealand  10/22/2003
East of Jinji Lake: A Good Choice for New City Life  10/22/2003
Singa Plaza: Where You Can Enjoy Real Western Food  10/21/2003
SIP Customs Providing All Day Long Service  10/21/2003
Vertex Standard Establishing Business in Suzhou Industrial Park  10/20/2003
Roundup: SIP Adapting Singapore Experience Bearing Rich Fruits  10/15/2003
IVT Students Much Sought After by Foreign Companies  10/13/2003
Foreign Investor Benefiting from Efficient Service of EPZ  10/08/2003
Fairchild Established New Manufacturing & Warehouse Facility in SIP  09/30/2003
Suzhou International Expo Center Started Construction  09/28/2003
Suzhou Industrial Park Recruiting Overseas Talents  09/28/2003
Asahi Kasei Sets up New Plant in SIP  09/23/2003
Kulicke & Soffa Announces Grand Opening of First China-Based Manufacturing Operation in SIP  09/19/2003
Primary & High Schools to Be Established in the East of Jinji Lake  09/05/2003
ULVAC Sets up Business in SIP  09/03/2003
National University of Singapore & Fudan University Intend to Join Graduate Town  09/03/2003
Chairman of CPPCC Visiting SIP  09/03/2003
Oriental Gate to Be Built to the West of Jinji Lake  09/03/2003
Ramatex & Gold Huasheng Elected as Pop Star Enterprise  09/02/2003
R&D Center Attracted to SIP  08/29/2003
Soken Chemical Holding Opening Ceremony in SIP  08/27/2003
Visit to Singapore Bearing Rich Fruits  08/25/2003
Singapore Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew Happy to Maintain Good Cooperation with Suzhou  08/22/2003
Suzhou Actively Adapting Singapore's Experience  08/22/2003
Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Meeting Suzhou Delegation  08/21/2003
SIP Embracing Better Tomorrow  08/21/2003
CSSD Expecting to Make Profit of USD 10 Million for Year 2003  08/20/2003
Suzhou Delegation Starting to Visit Singapore  08/19/2003
Roundup: Analysis of Human Resources in SIP(4)  08/17/2003
FASL Establishing Subsidiary In SIP  08/15/2003
New Suzhou International Hotel Successfully Transferred  08/13/2003
Mayor Yang Inspecting Graduate Town  08/13/2003
China's Ambassador to Singapore Visits Suzhou  08/13/2003
Roundup: Analysis of Human Resources in SIP(3)  08/12/2003
Landscape Design of Jinji Lake Won Award from ASLA  08/11/2003
Suzhou CAS IC Design Center Established in SIP  08/10/2003
Roundup: Analysis of Human Resources in SIP(2)  08/09/2003
Outsourcing Supply Chain Fair Bearing Rich Fruits  08/05/2003
One Stop Service Center Launches Net Approval System  08/05/2003
Lion Nathan Holding Meeting of Board of Directors in Suzhou  08/04/2003
New Factory Building of PQI Technology Completed  08/04/2003
Roundup: Analysis of Human Resources in SIP  08/04/2003
CEO of Lion Nathan Revisits Suzhou  08/01/2003
Culture Water Corridor Adding Charm to Jinji Lake  08/01/2003
City F in SIP to be a New Business Attraction  07/30/2003
Infineon Expands in China: New Joint Venture with Chinese CSVC for the Assembly and Testing of IC Products  07/28/2003
Graduate Town Welcomes First Batch of Students  07/28/2003
New Factory Building of Uniwill Computer Technology Put into Use  07/28/2003
SIP Holding HR Information Release  07/23/2003
Graduate Town Introducing Overseas Education Resources  07/21/2003
SIPLM Bonds Officially Issued  07/21/2003
Foreign Enterprises Holding Dialogues with Power Company  07/20/2003
SIP Sets Targets for Next Half of the Year  07/16/2003
A Happy Weekend for Foreigners  07/16/2003
More and More Talents Attracted to SIP  07/15/2003
Digital China Settling in Suzhou  07/09/2003
SIP Economy Gaining Vigorous Momentum  07/08/2003
Suzhou Party Chief Meeting British Guests  07/04/2003
SIP Customs Awarded Special Honor  07/02/2003
SIP to Become Largest TFT-LCD Production Base in China  07/02/2003
Party Members Are Excellent Workers??Comments from foreigners  07/01/2003
SIP Provides over 23,000 Job Vacancies  07/01/2003
Real Estate of SIP Booming  07/01/2003
Second Largest International Expo Center to be Constructed in SIP  06/26/2003
Maple Garden Catches Eyes of Tourists  06/25/2003
AMD and Fujitsu Announce New Flash Memory Company  06/25/2003
New Bus Route Opened up In SIP  06/20/2003
Domestic Capital Pouring into SIP  06/18/2003
2003 Contest of Foreigner's Artistic Talents' Show Concluded  06/18/2003
Loufeng Heading the List of JiangsusTop 100 Villages and Towns  06/17/2003
CAS Nano Technology & Engineering Establishing R&D Centerand Production Base in SIP  06/14/2003
Bonds of SIPLM to Be Issued  06/13/2003
Online Education Introduced to Xinjia Kindergarten  06/13/2003
Emerson Climate Technology Donate for SARS Prevention  06/12/2003
Post Doctorate Station Set up in Innosis Technology  06/11/2003
Provincial Party Chief Inspecting District II & III of SIP  06/09/2003
Foreign Capital Keeps Flowing into SIP  06/03/2003
Bus Production Base Established in SIP  06/03/2003
Private Enterprises of SIP Marching into International Markets  05/29/2003
NewSeaUnion Succeeds in Competing for Land in CBD  05/27/2003
Suzhou ZhongKe IC Design Center Opens  05/23/2003
Fujitsu Media Devices Increasing Capital  05/22/2003
Foreign Companies Make Donations to Hospitals  05/22/2003
SIP Enterprises Benefit from Anti-SARS Stocks  05/21/2003
SIP Economy Keeps Growing  05/19/2003
Employee of Innosis Technology Donate to Combat SARS  05/16/2003
SIP Invest RMB 300 Million for Infrastructure Development  05/15/2003
SIP Strengthening Recruitment Management  05/15/2003
Foreign Enterprises Confident of Future Growth  05/14/2003
Suzhou Chiefs Visiting Foreign Funded Enterprises  05/13/2003
Third Phase of International Science Park Launched  05/09/2003
Governor of Jiangsu Province Inspecting SIP  05/08/2003
Half of the Foreign Companies Use English as Working Language  05/08/2003
SIP Offering Quality Service to Alleviate Negative Impacts Caused by SARS  05/04/2003
Marketing Efforts Bearing Rich Fruits in Loufeng  05/04/2003
SIP Strengthening Marketing Efforts  05/03/2003
No SARS Case Spotted in Suzhou  05/03/2003
Maple Garden to Be Completed  04/18/2003
SARS Prevention Given Top Priority  04/18/2003
SARS FAQ  04/18/2003
Suspected Patient of SARS Well Seperated and Recovered  04/17/2003
Suzhou Well-prepared against SARS  04/17/2003
How will SARS affect world economy?  04/15/2003
Foreigners Enjoy Safe Life in Suzhou  04/05/2003
Foreign Investors Confident of SIP  04/05/2003
Biggest Joint Ventured Hospital in Jiangsu Settling in SIP  02/27/2003
SIP Expects 70-square-meter Infrastructure Completed in 2003  02/17/2003
Second Phase of International Science Park Completed  02/11/2003
SIP Giving New Favorable Policy on Foreign Trade  02/10/2003
SIP Businesses Enthusiastic about Charity Donation  01/28/2003
One Stop Service Center Offering Quality Service to Customers  01/01/2003
Yokogawa Group to Set Up Parent Company in China Region  01/01/2003
45 of Fortune's Top 500 Invest in SIP  01/01/2003
SIP Making Giant Strides in Economic Development  01/01/2003
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