Foreign Fun-maker Joins Chinese Xiangsheng Art Elite  12/31/2002
SIP to Build Nationwide Network for Talented People  12/31/2002
Nokia and Shanghai Join Hands in Mobile Telecommunication Production in Suzhou  12/31/2002
Avision Moves into New Plant  12/31/2002
SIP Development Advisory Committee Convenes its 1st Meeting  12/31/2002
SIP Holds Discussion to Recruit and Cultivate University and College Graduates  12/31/2002
Saint Joseph's University Suzhou Graduate School to be Set Up  12/31/2002
Land Auction Launched Successfully in SIP  12/31/2002
Soochow University and Macronix Jointly Cultivate Microelectronic Specialists  12/31/2002
Hitachi Opens New Plant in SIP  12/31/2002
Contractual Foreign Investment in SIP Hits USD 10 Billion  12/31/2002
Huge Moon Cake Baked for Chinese Reunion  12/31/2002
Provincial Party Secretary Meets Singapore President  12/31/2002
CPPCC Chairman Inspects Suzhou  12/31/2002
SIP Displayed on the APEC Technomart  12/31/2002
Municipal Leaders Meet Henderson Chairman  12/31/2002
SIP Awarded ISO14001 Certificates  12/31/2002
"SIP has very good prospects." - An Interview with Finance Minister of Singapore  12/31/2002
American Companies Making Profits in Suzhou  12/31/2002
Lion Nathan Expanding Business in China  12/31/2002
Lion Nathan Selected as Special Beer for FMM  12/31/2002
Dorma Door Controls Opens New Plant  12/31/2002
Bonded Warehouse Set Up in AMD  12/31/2002
Mayor Yang Meets Singaporean Guests  12/31/2002
Large Residential Quarter Launched on the Lakeside  12/31/2002
SIP Economy Grows Sustainedly and Rapidly  12/31/2002
"The Park is now doing better than ever."--A talk with Vesuvius President  12/31/2002
SIP Realizes Customs Supervision Through Internet  12/31/2002
SIP HR Website Visitors Hit Million  12/31/2002
Party Secretary Calls to Build SIP into a S&T Highland and Economic Center  12/31/2002
Sintek Photronic to Build New LCD Plant in SIP  12/31/2002
Nitto Denko Settles in SIP  12/31/2002
Neighborhood Center Retrieves Waste Batteries with Prizes  12/31/2002
B&Q Enters SIP  12/31/2002
Lion Nathan Fully Supports Jiangsu Shuntian Soccer Team  12/31/2002
Chinese President Jiang Zemin Meets Lee Kuan Yew  12/31/2002
NPC Chairman Li Peng Meets Lee Kuan Yew  12/31/2002
Vice-Premier Li Lanqing Urges Boost for Suzhou Industrial Park  12/31/2002
Lee Kuan Yew Visits Export Processing Zone  12/31/2002
Second Neighborhood Center Came into Birth in SIP  12/31/2002
Municipal Leaders Meet AMD Chairman  12/31/2002
Philips Semiconductors Breaks Ground in SIP  12/31/2002
Huxi Community Recruits Volunteers  12/31/2002
Chinese Consortium Convenes 3rd Session of 2nd Board Meeting  12/31/2002
Great Achievements Sum up Seven Years' Development  12/31/2002
Suzhou City Calls for Concerted Efforts to Develop SIP  12/31/2002
Fairchild Semiconductor Settles in SIP  12/31/2002
SIP Economy Gaining Vigorous Momentum  12/31/2002
Party Secretary Meets Singapore Guests  12/31/2002
Rolling Development of SIP Foresees Bright Future  12/31/2002
Philips Semiconductors to Build New IC Assembly and Test Plant in SIP  12/31/2002
SIP Launching New Round of Development  12/31/2002
New Shield for Intellectual Rights & Interests of SIP Investors  12/31/2002
Senior Singapore Official Visiting Suzhou  12/31/2002
Provident Fund Scheme Implemented Smoothly in SIP  12/31/2002
Suzhou Party Chief Meets JTC Chairman  12/31/2002
Honeywell Opens Third Facility in SIP  12/31/2002
Press Release on the 4th China-Singapore Joint Steering Council Meeting (Sept. 14, 1999)  12/31/2002
Beijing Briefing Reveals New Achievements of SIP  12/31/2002
New Suzhou Mayor Inspecting SIP  12/31/2002
More Bus Routes for SIP Residents  12/31/2002
SIPISP Approved as State Hi & New Tech Innovation Service Center  12/31/2002
Suzhou Party Chief Meeting President of Celestica  12/31/2002
Celestica Opens Greenfield Facility in SIP  12/31/2002
Renovation of Jinji Lake Progressing Smoothly  12/31/2002
SIP Getting Off to Good Start  12/31/2002
Roundup: SIP Making Giant Strides in Economic Development  12/31/2002
Metrologic Releases New Products  12/31/2002
Seimens Hearing Aids Deaf Children of China  12/31/2002
Initial Construction of SIP Export Processing Zone Wins State Approval  12/31/2002
Firework Heating up New Year's Eve  12/31/2002
Blood Donation Helps to Promote Public Welfare  12/31/2002
SIP Maintains Strong Growth Momentum  12/31/2002
Suzhou Party Chief Meets Singapore Guests  12/31/2002
SIP Investors Celebrate Coming Christmas & New Year  12/31/2002
Feature: Suzhou Residents Longing for New Home in SIP  12/31/2002
Lilly Suzhou Awards Scholarship to University Teachers & Students  12/31/2002
SIP Job Fair Held in Suzhou University  12/31/2002
Alcatel Releases New Generation Mobile Phones  12/31/2002
Bosch Joins Board of IVT  12/31/2002
Imports & Exports of SIP Soaring  12/31/2002
SIP Social Welfare Fund Gains Fresh Donation  12/31/2002
Sudu Garden Starts Construction  12/31/2002
NPC Vice Chairman Visiting SIP  12/31/2002
Everbright Bank of China Entering SIP  12/31/2002
Hitachi Sets up Display Device Plant in SIP  12/31/2002
State Bonds Fuel New Round of Development  12/31/2002
Second SIP Sports Meeting Rounded Off  12/31/2002
Suzhou Striving to Create Competitive Investment Environment  12/31/2002
Feature: SIP Adds New Charms to Suzhou  12/31/2002
More Foreign Investors Increasing Capital in SIP  12/31/2002
Developers Confident of SIP Future  12/31/2002
Feature: Smooth Sailing for New GM of Nokia Suzhou  12/31/2002
Rich Opens Technical Application Center in SIP  12/31/2002
SIP Customs Going on Line  12/31/2002
CSSD Board Meeting Hearing Work Reports of Management  12/31/2002
Chinese & Singapore Vice Premiers Co-chairing JTC Meeting  12/31/2002
Jiangsu Party Secretary Meets Singapore Deputy Prime Minister  12/31/2002
II-VI Optics Opens New Factory Building in SIP  12/31/2002
Orchid Journey Sculptures Unveiled in SIP  12/31/2002
Feature: Moon Cake Festival Sweet to Expatriates As Well  12/31/2002
Fujitsu Inaugurates New Factory Building in SIP  12/31/2002
Singapore Minister Confident of SIP Future  12/31/2002
IVT Enrolls First-batch College Students  12/31/2002
SPO Director Satisfied with Software Transfer in SIP  12/31/2002
Human Resource Symposium Probes into Management Practices  12/31/2002
Paper Makers Happy with SIP's Investment Environment  12/31/2002
Productivity Promotion Month Launched in SIP  12/31/2002
Comfort Expanding Business in SIP  12/31/2002
SIPC Shareholders Endorse Capital Increase  12/31/2002
Ground Breaking for SIP Xinhai School  12/31/2002
Party Secretary Calls for Greater Support to SIP Development  12/31/2002
Newly-appointed Chinese Ambassador to Singapore Confident about SIP  12/31/2002
Chinese and Singapore Teams Held Review Meeting  12/31/2002
Bosch Expanding Presence in SIP  12/31/2002
SIP Foreign Enterprises Party Committee Established  12/31/2002
Environmental Protection Guarantees A Garden City of Excellency  12/31/2002
SIP IT/Software Cluster: New Industrial Tide  12/31/2002
Ferro Setting up Manufacturing Facility in SIP  12/31/2002
Solectron Suzhou Hugs Booming Business  12/31/2002
Prestigious Universities' Graduates for Doctorship Favoring SIP  12/31/2002
SIP Hotel Winning Five Star Qualification  12/31/2002
Herb Extraction Producer Investing in SIP  12/31/2002
American E-Commerce Service Provider Opens for Business in SIP  12/31/2002
Suzhou Mayor Calls for Further Adaptation of Singapore's Experience  12/31/2002
Export Processing Zone to Promote SIP Development  12/31/2002
Symposium Addressing Issue of Customs Clearance  12/31/2002
SIP Construction Backed up with Heavy Funding  12/31/2002
SIP Maintains Strong Growth Momentum in First Six Months  12/31/2002
RGM International Chairman Visits Suzhou  12/31/2002
SIP's Power Consumption Soaring In First Six Months  12/31/2002
First Neighborhood Committee Founded in SIP  12/31/2002
International Science Park Starts with Booming Business  12/31/2002
SIP Bailing Apartment Building Starts Construction  12/31/2002
SIP-AEFI Convenes Annual Working Conference  12/31/2002
Jinji Lake Wins RMB 500 Million Loan  12/31/2002
SIP to Enhance Cooperation with Provincial Business & Trade Groups  12/31/2002
Schindler Joins Hands with Datwyler in SIP Expansion  12/31/2002
Suzhou Mayor Receives Scientists and Scholars  12/31/2002
Suzhou Mayor Meeting Becton Dickinson's New Regional CEO  12/31/2002
Suzhou Mayor Meeting Messier-Dowty Visitors  12/31/2002
Delegation of US Mayors' Conference Visiting SIP  12/31/2002
Emerson Electric Opens Scroll Compressor Plant in SIP  12/31/2002
Suzhou Party Chief Pledges Continued Support to Emerson Electric  12/31/2002
Mayor Promises to Optimize SIP Investment Environment  12/31/2002
Isola Acquires More Land for Expansion in SIP  12/31/2002
State Council Approves Setting up Export Processing Zone in SIP  12/31/2002
Suzhou Mayor Holds Concurrent Post as Secretary of CPC SIP Working Committee  12/31/2002
Former Singapore President Pleased with SIP Progress  12/31/2002
SIP Children Celebrating International Children's Day  12/31/2002
SIP Realizing Six Months' Marketing Target  12/31/2002
Chinese Vice Premier Visiting Suzhou Industrial Park  12/31/2002
SIP Setting up Productivity Guiding Council  12/31/2002
SIP Building Software Cluster  12/31/2002
IVT Becomes Skilled Workers Training Base  12/31/2002
Paper Giant Reaping Profits from Investment in SIP  12/31/2002
6th Anniversary Celebration of SIP Rounded off with Entertainment  12/31/2002
SIP - Our Beautiful Home  12/31/2002
New Customs Measures Aim to Enhance SIP Competitiveness  12/31/2002
SIP Celebrates 6th Anniversary of Development  12/31/2002
More Commercial & Residential Projects Kicked off in SIP  12/31/2002
Grundfos Inaugurates Completion of Factory Extension in SIP  12/31/2002
Suzhou Industrial Park Entering New Stage of Development  12/31/2002
Danish Prime Minister Visiting Suzhou Industrial Park  12/31/2002
Xinghai Swimming Complex Open to Public  12/31/2002
Former CSSD CEO Visiting SIP  12/31/2002
A Happy Gathering of SIP Young People  12/31/2002
Chinese Trade Minister Calls for Better Investment Environment  12/31/2002
Chinese Ambassador to Singapore Visiting SIP  12/31/2002
Suzhou Urged to Further Develop High & New Technology  12/31/2002
SIPAC Moves to Improve Public Service  12/31/2002
SIP Getting off to Good Start in First Quarter  12/31/2002
Feature: Expatriates Picking Biluochun Tea at Xishan Hill  12/31/2002
Another Residential Quarter in SIP kicked off  12/31/2002
GlaxoWellcome Setting Safety Record  12/31/2002
More Investors Join Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment  12/31/2002
China and Singapore Working Teams Discuss Next Stage Development  12/31/2002
Accumulative Foreign Investment of SIP Totals US$ 7 Billion  12/31/2002
Honeywell Launches Specialty Chemicals Project in SIP  12/31/2002
New Services Offered by Inspection & Quarantine Bureau  12/31/2002
Leading Provincial Officials Visiting SIP  12/31/2002
Singapore to Continue Software Transfer to SIP  12/31/2002
Institute of Vocational Technology to Expand Enrollment  12/31/2002
Xinhai Healthcare Clinic Opens to Business  12/31/2002
More Job Opportunities Offered by SIP  12/31/2002
SIP Sending More Personnel to Singapore for Training  12/31/2002
SIP Japanese Language School Enrolls More Students  12/31/2002
Suzhou Industrial Park Remains Hot-spot for Foreign Investment  12/31/2002
Another Kindergarten of SIP Breaking Ground  12/31/2002
Key Projects Outlined for Year 2000  12/31/2002
Singapore International School Opening Secondary Department  12/31/2002
SIPAC Chairman Optimistic about Sino-Singapore Cooperation  12/31/2002
CSSD Board Meeting Approves Work Plan  12/31/2002
Science Lectures Popular among SIP Farmers  12/31/2002
Anti-pollution Campaign Makes Clean Industrial Park  12/31/2002
First Individual Enterprise Set up in Suzhou Industrial Park  12/31/2002
Second SIP Sports Meeting Off Ground  12/31/2002
SIP's First Investor Moves into New Factory  12/31/2002
SIP Maintaining Strong Momentum of Development  12/31/2002
Nokia Opens Base Station Plant in SIP  12/31/2002
Building China's Largest Inland Lake Park  12/31/2002
Teleconference Ushering in New Spirit of Cooperation  12/31/2002
Taiwan's IC Powerhouse Exploring Business Opportunities in SIP  12/31/2002
New Year Race Embraces Millennium Sunshine  12/31/2002
New Home for SIP Developers  12/31/2002
Website Revision to Offer Viewers More Information  12/31/2002
Latest development in SIP  12/31/2002
Chang Hong Optoelectronics Sets up Plant in SIP  12/31/2002
Changes of the SIP Recorded in Photos  12/31/2002
Suzhou Set Down Prevention Measures Against SARS  12/31/2002
Great Achievements Sum Up Nine Years Development  12/31/2002
Cornerstone Laid for Jinji Lake Bridge  12/31/2002
Carsem Semiconductor from Malaysia Settled Down in SIP  12/31/2002
Neighborhood Center to the East of the Lake Starting Construction  12/31/2002
Benchmark Electronics Sets up Business in Phase III  12/31/2002
SIP to Have District Court and Procuratorate  12/31/2002
Businesses with Less-25% Foreign Capital Enjoy Preferential Policies  12/31/2002
Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing Establishing Second Plant in SIP  12/31/2002
Concert by American Pianist Winning Public Acclaim  12/31/2002
Large IT Enterprise Settles in the SIP  12/31/2002
Giant Tantalum Capacitor Producer Settles in Suzhou  12/31/2002
Shenyi Science & Technology Breaking Ground in Phase III  12/31/2002
Xi'an Jiaotong University Settled down in SIP  12/31/2002
SIP to Further Develop International Competitiveness  12/31/2002
International Science & Technology Park Attracts Investors  12/31/2002
SIP in Great Demand of Talents  12/31/2002
Export Processing Zone Boasts Booming Business  12/31/2002
First Postdoctoral Working Station Set Up in SIP  12/31/2002
Adjustment In Import Duty Conducive to Growth of IT Industry  12/31/2002
Suzhou Party Chief Meets Singapore Guests  12/31/2002
Mikron Supports Poor Students  12/31/2002
SIP Celebrates Coming Christmas and New Year  12/31/2002
Normal;heading 1; Black & Decker Sets up Second Plant in SIP  12/31/2002
Singapore Kids Visit China  12/31/2002
Andrew Announces China R&D Center  12/31/2002
Jiangsu's Biggest Printing Company Under Construction  12/31/2002
SIP Adopts New Customs Clearance Mode  12/31/2002
National Semiconductor Begins Construction Of Its First Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility in China  12/31/2002
Towa Sets Up Semiconductor Facility Plant in SIP  12/31/2002
Japanese Chinontec Settled down in Loufeng  12/31/2002
Electronic Declaration System For Local Tax Operating Smoothly  12/31/2002
Charity Nursery School Set up in SIP  12/31/2002
IVT: The Cradle of Senior Skilled Workers  12/31/2002
Initial-Phase Construction of Graduate Town kicked off  12/31/2002
Mayor Yang Meets with Singaporean Delegation  12/31/2002
Meeting for Planning and Construction of SIP  12/31/2002
Samsung Electronics Breaks Ground on New TFT-LCD Module Plant in Suzhou  12/31/2002
Second Phase of HITACHI Display Starts Construction  12/31/2002
AU Optronics Sets Up New Plant in SIP  12/31/2002
Suzhou Launches Graduate Town Project  12/31/2002
SIP accorded with Foreign Trade Approval Authority  12/31/2002
Swiss Combibloc Comes to SIP  12/31/2002
SIP Economy Reaches New Height  12/31/2002
SIPHRD and Australian University Join Hands in MBA Program  12/31/2002
China Merchants Bank Sets up Branch in SIP  12/31/2002
SIP-AEFI Holds 2002 Work Conference  12/31/2002
Lion Nathan Sponsors Provincial Games  12/31/2002
Fairchild Semiconductor Breaks Ground  12/31/2002
Singapore Senior Minister Meets Suzhou Delegation  12/31/2002
SIP Holds Briefing Session in Singapore  12/31/2002
CSSD Sets Target for Year 2002  12/31/2002
Suzhou Mayor Leads Urban Construction Investigation in Singapore  12/31/2002
Singapore President Meets Suzhou Delegation  12/31/2002
Dance Drama Touches Lion City  12/31/2002
SIP Foreign Investment Achieves New Breakthrough in 2001  12/31/2002
SIP Celebrates Christmas and New Year  12/31/2002
Auchan Opens Suzhou Store  12/31/2002
H & L Sets Up New Plant in Suzhou  12/31/2002
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